Where do singles meet in Ottawa?

Most singles in Ottawa meet through friends or through online dating apps. The use of online dating apps to meet romantic partners has completely surged in the last number of years, and has made it an extremely competitive space for male users. Some people do also still meet while they’re out, at bars/clubs/parties/social gatherings.


A lot of women love meeting the natural way (in person), however the majority of the guy population and the population in general these days are getting more and more disconnected, and are having a harder time meeting and connecting in person like we used to!


This is the beautiful thing about what we do here at IQ Dating, as we will teach you how to make it easy and natural to connect with beautiful women with great personalities in person, in your life dude! The beautiful thing is that by learning this, you will really stand out to women.  Most guys will very seldom or never summon the courage to connect with the women they wish to in real life (outside of their social circle). So you will get to play in this much smaller dating pool!

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