Is it worth hiring a dating coach?

It is definitely worth hiring a dating coach if you hire a dating coach who knows what he/she is doing, and that is also a good fit for you and your situation. Some coaches you will just not connect with well and it will be difficult for them to coach you, and also some coaches are just not qualified to coach you depending on your unique situation. Honest coaches (not unlike us) will tell you if they feel like you’re not a good fit for their support given your current situation and challenges.


If you’re someone who is very shy or anxious and has a lot of trouble connecting with women easily, the right dating mentor can help you break out of your shell and boost your confidence & communication skills so you can start getting some real results.


If you’re someone who is pretty natural with women, perhaps you’ve had a few decent or great relationships already, but you just can’t easily attract your ideal relationship, the right dating mentor can certainly help you make some or all of the progress towards bridging that gap!

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