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If you were your dream woman’s dream man, how effortless would it be to attract her?

That’s the transformation we’ll make happen for you.


Top 3 Reasons to Use Dating Services in Ottawa

Save Massive amounts of Time & Energy

Swiping on dating apps that get them nowhere Waiting to ‘someday’ meet a great woman through their social circle Dm’ing women on social media where it rarely or never amounts to anything great Going out to bars/clubs with very little results (Putting off any of these - all of these to focus on career)

Avoid future Divorce / Ensure Best Relationships

Many men don’t get to know what it is they really resonate with the most in another woman because of lack of experience. A dating coach will help you get out there a lot more and become much more attractive to a lot of great women.

Upgrade Communication skills & Confidence

Great dating coaching will help you dramatically improve the confidence you have in yourself as a person and your ability to connect with women & also people in general. The principles of becoming an attractive man to women apply directly to becoming a very likeable person to anyone.

Colin Malone: Best Matchmaker in Ottawa?

Colin is not a professional matchmaker; he is the professional dating coach who will show you how to become your own best matchmaker. 

He is the man who will help you become the most magnetic version of you that your dream woman would be head over heals for! In doing so, you can have this area confidently handled for the rest of your life (no matter what happens).

Colin has helped several dozens of his clients in his hometown of Ottawa and across the world attract tons of quality dates, amazing girlfriends, and the woman of their dreams (their wife)!.

He has also taken his own dating and relationship life from shy guy with zero ability to connect with women to having his own dream dating and relationship life. Remember the story of Hitch if you watched that awesome movie? Colin’s story was the same, it just started even younger…

Since the young age of 16 years old, Colin has studied ruthlessly, taken mentoring programs/courses, and gone out and gotten ridiculous amounts of experience in the field of social skills, attraction, and relationships. 

With all of this, he can now easily show you how to create the life-changing results you want in your dating and love life

Who Can Benefit from Dating Services in Ottawa?

The men who can benefit the most from our services are those who are already motivated and disciplined individuals. These are men who are typically already doing well in another area or other areas of their lives such as their careers, spirituality, or health & fitness.

Transforming your dating results takes levels of inner and outer work (inner confidence and outer communication) over time, so having decently ingrained success habits or better will allow you, if that’s you, to receive the most benefit from mentoring.

This is why the vast majority of our clients are professionals (e.g. software developers, engineers, business owners) who are already established or have just started establishing themselves. Some are strongly into being physically fit, some are very spiritually connected, & some have a pretty great/great social life already.

You’re already winning at life in one major way, or a couple major ways, you just don’t have your love life dialed in quite at the level you wish it to be.

That’s not to say those who don’t have strongly ingrained success habits already, won’t receive a lot of benefit from dating mentoring, you will. It will typically just take somewhat longer for you to see the exact results you’re looking for, since you have to set up a good foundation of certain things for yourself first.

The major benefit here, however, for a lot of clients we have like this, is that the progress and changes you’ll start to see in this area, will allow you to create massive shifts and improved results with more ease in many other areas of your life!