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Dating Coach - Colin Malone

When I was 17 years old, I was so committed to getting out of my shyness that I approached ~850 women in a year before getting my first girlfriend in the summer after high school.


This very normal adolescent experience (no sarcasm here) had a domino effect that has since transformed my whole life.


With all my improved confidence, I decided to run my first business (a franchised service) at 18 years old. And grew that to $300k in annual sales 4 years later.


I went on to also entertainingly see and date several dozens of beautiful women of all the different ages, occupations, sizes, and ethnicities I could have only dreamed of when I was a shy little kid with zero women success.

Since then, I have also gotten into the fittest shape of my life, and then pushed that even further (see picture to the right) (250lb 1 rep max, nothing insane but pretty great and getting better).


And am now in the happiest relationship (even though it’s casual) I’ve ever been in with an amazing woman who even happily lets me see other women too.


That one big domino (of deciding to become confident in my communication no matter what it took) changed everything for me.

And that’s why I’m here… to topple that domino for you.

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